the encaustic center

580 W. Arapaho Rd. #271, Richardson, Texas, 75080

Personalized Assisted Workdays

See the full Assisted Workday schedule on the calendar below.


Here's How it Works

Choose a skill you'd like to work on, then email Bonny to schedule a time: $20 per hour.


3-dimensional techniques



Pen and brush tools and sealing irons


Painterly Techniques


More ways to enjoy an Assisted Workday:

- Bring in pieces you have been working on and need help with so we can suggest areas to develop and go through processes to bring the piece to fruition.


- Bring an idea or look through our books for ideas and inspiration and we will assist you by recommending and working through techniques to create your vision.


- It's your chance to ask all kinds of questions about process and materials. A wonderful session to help you develop further!


- $20 per hour (small boards, papers, paint and use of equipment and materials here are all supplied in the fee; there is an additional $15.00 supply fee for larger pours and additional papers on larger projects. Some pigment sticks are available for use and additional colors may be purchased here)


Request the skill you'd like to work on in your email to me so we can set up properly for you.


Some Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday time slots available. Please email Bonny to schedule in.



You might like to bring images on a flash drive to print out here, special papers, leaves, Xerox and inkjet prints, drawings, unglazed ceramic pieces, stencils, stamps, and threads etc. We supply plywood boards and have cradled boards for sale.


Monotypes allow you to work in a very spontaneous manner and are very exciting to create on a variety of papers on our fabulous "HOTbox" designed by Paula Roland.

All supplies are included but you are encouraged to bring handmade and rice papers which work great! Incorporating some collage techniques, pigment sticks, oil pastels and charcoal drawing also works well with monotypes!


We'll be using joint compound, grids and various brushing techniques to build heavy texture on boards.



We'll be using a variety of papers to create interesting compositions with layers of paper. Papers of varying weights including plain and printed tissue papers will be utilized. All supplies are included but you may like to bring printouts or original drawings, and watercolor paintings to experiment with.



We'll be working on boards; shaping a variety of materials such as paper, wire and fibers etc to create forms incorporating encaustic wax. All supplies are included but you are encouraged to bring natural papers, unglazed ceramic and small objects to embed.



Well be pouring wax on small boards, creating dams with tape to create small shapes and super slick surfaces. Large pours $15 additional charge.

Choose the date and time that works for you and email to confirm availability:

580 W. Arapaho Rd. #271, Richardson, Texas, 75080