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"The Art of Tools"

An all new workshop with Elizabeth Schowachert!





In this workshop Elizabeth will share her approach to image creation and print making (Encaustic monotype) on a HOTbox. Students will experience working with a wide variety of her Handmade Silicone Tools, as well as learn different approaches to finishing work by integrating alcohol inks, India inks and collage.


Additionally, Elizabeth will teach students how to mount finished work onto birch panels, and or to collage onto to the panel in order to create a finished piece of work.


Encaustic Monotype is a rich art process that allows the artist to explore mark making in a free and relaxed way. It can open doors that you may not even realize needed to be opened. Elizabeth's Silicone Tools allow artists to explore an expansive array of marks that can, at times, move the artist towards new ideas. Her tool making has had a strong influence on her work, as the tools and marks inspire new ideas which add depth to her work.


Each student will receive their own Silicone Blade Tool (a $49 value) which Elizabeth will custom cut and design for them at the workshop. In addition, she will have a large array of tools available for her students to use during the workshop.


Day 1 will be a combination of instruction, demo and individual work on the HOTbox.

Day 2 Will be a combination of instruction, demo on mounting work to panel, collage and the addition of alcohol/india ink to finished work.



Provided workshop supplies and equipment:

*Two cradled 12x24 boards and two 12x12

Participants are welcome to bring and/or purchase additional cradled boards here at the workshop

Encaustic medium and paint

Scroll paper

Masa paper

Talas Jade #403 adhesive

Each participant will also receive their own Silicone Blade Tool (a $49 value) which Elizabeth will custom cut and design for them at the workshop. In addition she will have a large array of tools available for her students to use during the workshop.

* alcohol and india ink

HOTboxes ... We have several but if you have one you can bring, or allow us to borrow; even if you're unable to attend, please let me know!

*We'll be working on the Roland HOTbox ™ sold by Vent-A-Fume: Roland HOTbox


Participants may like to bring additional supplies:

Encaustic paint (We will have paint to share and paint for sale as well)

Alcohol Inks

An Apron

A notebook



Elizabeth Schowachert



Connecting is to link or to be linked to; join; fasten.

Our lives are made up in part by our connections. Without connections we would literally be alone, living a singular life –

it would be akin to living in nothingness.

Connections can be fleeting or painful to have or keep. They can also bring joy, happiness and contribute a more fulfilled life.

  • Making connections can be hard to maintain; with others or with one’s self.
  • They can be deep or shallow and they can ebb and flow with the people in our lives over time.
  • They are needed and wanted by most.
  • They need trust, respect and empathy in order to be maintained or to grow.

My intention with my art/paintings is to explore the most significant connections in my life, those that have influenced me and made the deepest impressions.

Cultural connections have had a significant impact on my life, my way of thinking, the way I choose to live and my ideas about myself. My experiences in Asia especially have influenced my ideas about myself, who I am and how I live my life.

In my current body of work, “The Art of Tools” I am exploring the relationship to line, form and shapes through the use of a wide array of handmade tools.


Artist Bio: Elizabeth Schowachert

Elizabeth was born and raised in Northern California, and has always held a deep appreciation for and affinity with the sea and the natural beauty of the Northern California coastline. Her paintings reflect the deep bond she feels with nature and her love of the ocean. Organic shapes and forms are almost always present in Elizabeth’s work, whether she is working with encaustic medium or ink on paper.

In recent years Elizabeth has been working primarily with encaustic medium/mixed media (paper, ink, and fabric).

My Studio is located in Southlake Texas.



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The Encaustic Center

580 W Arapaho Rd. #271

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580 W. Arapaho Rd. #271, Richardson, Texas, 75080